Speed Maths Test

Maths in school or class sometimes seems a little dull! However, it's really important that you spend the time learning how to do sums and that you learn to do them well.

The simplest way to do that is through lots of practice, but staring at a book can be a bit hard at times and you might get bored.

This fun interactive tool makes maths sums more fun, and the best bit is you start to notice little tips and tricks on how to do maths quicker as you go along.

This puzzle game has lots of different sums for you to do. Some will require you to add numbers, other to subtract, and sometimes multiply. Occasionally you might even need to divide one number by another - this is marked with the '/' sign, so '6 / 2' means 6 divided by 2, which is 3.

Not only will you have to answer each maths sum correctly, but also within the time limit. See what high score you can get up to with our fun maths trainer. The best thing about the trainer is that it's free, and there is no limit to how many goes you can have.

Play the maths brain trainer for just five minutes a day, and within a week you should start to see that your scores are getting better and better, as you get better at doing maths mental arithmetic at speed. So train your maths brain now, by playing this FUN puzzle!

When you understand the simple rules and are ready to start the game, simply click Play Interactive Maths Sums Trainer >>> - good luck!

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