Puzzles for all Ages

Here at Children's Puzzles we have a large range of puzzles, suitable for a range of age groups and abilities.

The most popular children's logic puzzle is sudoku at present, and we have a range of different puzzles on offer. Sudoku does not require any maths, but rather application of a few simple rules and logical deduction.

The smallest of these is the beginners sudoku played on a 4 x 4 mini-grid. This is an ideal starter puzzle for young children for instance in the age group around 4 - 7.

For children from around the age of 6 - 9 there are the 6 x 6 small sudoku puzzles - these are larger than the beginner puzzles, without being too daunting and on a full grid.

For children from 10 - 12 there are the Childrens Sudoku puzzles. These are on the full 9x9 grid but start off with few values to fill in, to make them less daunting. As the 100 puzzles progress they get more difficult, with the last set of puzzles being equivalent to a medium difficulty adult puzzle for older children.

Older children from around 9 onwards may also enjoy the Kids Sudoku X puzzles.

For puzzles that test some maths skills, then there are a range of difficulty of kakuro puzzles. For younger children, the small grid kakuro puzzles will be ideal. Here there are just ten numbers to place.

For older children, the larger childrens kakuro grid will be a suitable challenge. We have placed a few numbers to help them get started. The good thing about kakuro is it involves some maths skills (addition) as well as some logical reasoning skills, hence a good all round test.

For those who prefer word puzzles, we have a large range on offer. .

The snakeword is great fun for all ages, winding round and unscrambling the nine letter word.

Word ladders are a great way for children of all ages to think about words and particularly useful at helping them learn and think about the spelling of words and not just their sounds - word ladders are suitable for children of all ages.

The kids wordwheel can be played in a variety of ways depending on age. Children can just look for the big word, or try to find as many smaller words as they like. To make things easier, you may wish to allow proper nouns and also plurals, or words that use the same letter more than once. There are some word targets put in place as a guideline for children in the 10 - 12 age bracket, if younger children find the same number of words they are doing well!

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